Empty-Nest, Fulfilled Life!

Ladies, is it time to unleash your inner fire and live life to the fullest? NOW is the time to transform the "Empty Nest" stage from something you dread, into the most vibrant and exciting chapter of your life.  Get ready to focus on YOU and live your best life yet.
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About This Product:

Dear vibrant and passionate 50+ year old women,


Congratulations on reaching the exciting Empty-Nest stage of life! With your kids out of the house, it's time to focus on YOU and live your best life yet.


I understand that this transition can be daunting, and you may feel a bit lost without your children around. But don't worry, your best years are still ahead of you!


I have designed this course to help you discover a new and exciting purpose that will bring you unlimited joy and fulfilment. I am a 50+ vibrant, passionate woman who created this specifically to guide you through the process of reconnecting with your passions and pursuing new dreams, so you can become unstoppable in the pursuit of happiness.


It’s time to take charge of your life and turn this empty nest phase into an exciting new chapter! ENROLL NOW to discover your renewed sense of purpose and unleash your unstoppable pursuit of happiness.


Say goodbye to the empty nest blues and hello to an abundant life filled with passion and purpose! Your best years are still ahead of you, and I'll show you how to seize them with both hands. 


Are you ready to start living your best life? Then this course is for you!



Program Details

Welcome to the Journey
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Instructions for a successful Journey
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Module 1 Session 1: What is the purpose of your life?
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Module 1 Session 2: The Clarity Tool
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Module 2 Session 1: Becoming unstoppable!
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Module 2 session 2: Becoming unstoppable Tool
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Module 2 Session 3: Watch your TV Tool I
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Module 2 Session 4: Watch your TV Tool II
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Module 3 Session 1: Building a winning mind
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Module 3 Session 2: Belief Busting Tool
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Module 4 Session 1: The importance of protecting your "sacred time."
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Module 4 Session 2: Just say NO Tool
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Module 5 session 1: How to grow with your children
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Module 5 Session 2: The art of growing with your children tool
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Module 6 Session 1: The magic power of the Vision Board
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Module 6 Session 2: The Vision Board Tool
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What Do People Think About This Program?


Aug 22, 2022
Noel, you are such a wise woman. You have so much to give. And you are so clear when you speak. You touched me at many points during this course. The art journal was an excellent plus. It is in everyday situations that you help me. Not only in the empty nest. Thanks so much for sharing your wisdom. Love you a lot
Noel Rippe

Family therapist, Art therapist, Life coach
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Ever since my daughters became teenagers, I started dreading the day they left the home. And when the day finally arrived, I felt lost, sad and unfulfilled. 

After years of working as a therapist, successfully helping families adjust to life changes, I had no answers for my own problems. 

It wasn’t until the day I realized that when my girls left for college, my life purpose walked out of the house with  them that the healing process began. I came to understand that after organizing my life for such a long time around their wants and needs, I forgot all about my own dreams. 

Through trial and error, countless sleepless nights, years of personal therapy and courses, I found the formula that helped me not only survive, but thrive in this new stage in my life. 

It is my biggest joy at this time to share the tools I used and become the bridge to connect you to your brilliant future!
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